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Whether you want to start a new loc journey or if you want to extend your locs, the Loc’d Lioness offers handmade locs for all cultures. Our Loc Extensions created with human and most of all, love. Remember “the journey” is yours, you can travel the road anyway you choose.

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Lioness Locs

Whether you're starting, extending, or just trying something new, with Lioness Locs you can customize your look with color, size, and length. You can have the look of cultivated locs from day one.

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Wholistic is the philosophy that all parts of a thing are interconnected. With that in mind, we offer natural products for your entire body and spirit.

"My Journey, My Way" Gear

When you want to express your love and pride for the culture, your faith, or your way of life through clothing and accessories browse our small boutique for traditional and rare finds.

The journey is yours, you get to choose the route you take.

-The Loc'd Lioness

I bought the 8 inches, it feels and looks like real locs. No one can tell I didn't grow it myself.
I love it.


I am amazed, they fit right in with the rest of my dreads. It feels and matches my hair perfectly.


This company was amazing to work with. They have great customer service and were very sensitive to my needs. I lost my locs to an illness, but the owner was their for me through the entire process. The hair is a good texture and when I asked for custom color, the owner made sure I got just what I needed. Thank you Queen.